In-Powered Group
Mentorship Programme

In-Powered is a 6 month group mentoring programme where we learn to fully take back the reins of our life,
learn how to consciously co-create our lives from our deepest desires, and fully connect with the power that exists in us all.


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This Group Mentorship Programme takes you on a journey of unlocking the power that is already inside you

What does this mean? 

We are all truly powerful beings. But many of us have not fully realised nor felt this power.

When we are in our power we realise that we are in control of our lives.

When we are in our power we realise we can manifest anything into our reality.

When we are in our power we realise that we really are the director of inner world, and our outer life.
You will learn basic and advanced manifestation techniques. You will learn advanced, next-level clearing techniques that you can do yourself in order to clear any blocks. You will rise so high.

We are all at a different place in our journey, but we all have a soul that cries for continued expansion throughout this lifetime. Allow me to lead you to the next level you, in order that you can really live the life you wish to live, feeling how you wish to feel, and being who and how you wish to be.

And of course the value of being in a mentoring programme rather than waiting for life to take its course, that is when we’re supported, there’s an exponential acceleration of growth and our lives are enhanced accordingly.

The value of being in a group mentoring container is that it is a space where you can learn and grow, within the holding of the group. I truly believe that the power of working with others allows for rapid transformations.

Many people find a group setting incredibly beneficial, not only from a community standpoint, but also because the shares of the other members so often apply to the other individuals in the group too. This of course helps to accelerate your healing journey. 


I’ve taken all of the major “aha” moments which have impacted me so deeply in my own inner expansion journey, along with those which have served my clients in the deepest way, and I’ll share them with you as part of this programme. ⁠
It’s these learnings, insights, steps and shifts that have moved both me and my clients out of victim consciousness (most of the time!) and into freedom. There is no better feeling than the realisation that anything is possible and our notions of the predictability of life is really a thing of the past - as you come to understand it’s only your mind and stories that are limiting you. 
Trauma work is only one part of the jigsaw puzzle. Having worked thousands of client hours over the past decade, I’ve come to realise it’s when we combine the trauma work with mindset, shadow integration, emotion mastery and some quantum physics, it’s possible to create the life of our dreams. Even through the off days 😊😊😊⁠
I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

I know you’re capable of anything. I know you’re more powerful than you could believe possible. I know you have the power to transform your life, if you’re given the tools, information, keys, know-how and responsibility. 
YOU hold the power. 

I’ll hold you in a safe, protected and respectful space, 
whilst you realise this for yourself. 
Are you ready for the next level?

phrases that clients have used to describe their transformations include:

 "More energy and drive.”
 “More clarity around the future I want to create for myself.”
 “Utterly life-changing."
 “Feeling comfortable with uncomfortable feelings."
 "Feeling grounded and calm."
 “Instant manifestations within a few days."
 “Happiness and lightness."
 “I no longer sabotage myself or those I love."
"Stronger relationships."
"Better health."
 "More empathy for myself."
 "Finally connected with my inner source."
 "I am aligned."
 "My energy has been reinvigorated and renewed."

You will be starting a journey you’ll continue for the rest of your life. 

Remember, an Inner Expansion is not a one time thing that you think your way into, this is something that you become.

what to expect:

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This programme is about accessing the power that is already inside of you. This is the absolute beauty of the work. Here are some of the steps that we take to do this:

 Initial establishing of Point A (where and how you are now) and Point B (where and how you wish to be)

 Working to eliminate density in the system: Looking at emotions and limiting beliefs that are causing blocks, then processing and releasing them using EMDR and energetics

 Working on the victim energy and its pervasive subtleties in order to establish personal power and control in the every-day and beyond

 Understanding the power of our thoughts and the words that we use

 Looking at anything else in the subconscious that might be interfering with personal expansion and making it conscious in order that it isn’t running the show anymore

 Intentional shadow work to push through even more blocks

 Learning basic and advanced manifestation tools to consciously manifesting and co-creating with the Universe

 Learning next level clearing techniques to shift manifestation blocks, and that you will use forever because the changes you witness will be so profound

 Bringing it all together: daily routines; tips and tools; Point B focus. Looking to Point C
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Lucinda Gordon Lennox
MSc, MBACP (Accred)

Taking responsibility for your progress is a critical piece to your transformation

This group programme will support you and I will share knowledge, wisdom, tools and techniques that will help you.

But the inner determination to change needs to come from within you.

You've got this. YOU hold the power and part of my role is to help you realise this completely.

If you have a calling that there is more to life and that you want whatever that is, then you are most probably ready. 

This programme is for people who are ready to do deep internal dives, to take charge of their lives, to take the reins and go for their desires, reclaiming their power.

Yes, there will be homework. 
Yes, this is a daily practice. 
Yes, this is a new way of living. 

If you are more comfortable remaining in the mindset that life is something that happens to you for a bit longer, then this programme isn’t for you quite yet. But the door will always be open to you for when you are ready.

what's included:

 Initial 1:1 with me on joining

 3 x Group Calls with me every month

 A community space where you can check in and support each other, and where I dip in an out regularly too

 Lifetime access to my Beyond Trauma online course plus anything that is added to the course as it is updated over time

 Lifetime access to any new meditations or webinars that I create and record on my Inner Expansion Agency

 Pay in full and get one extra 1:1 with me

What you’ll specifically get out of this depends on you as an individual and what you put into it. 

But as my clients have said, the transformation of this work is life changing. 

This is what I want for you.

Please click Enquire here below to email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 
I can’t wait to go on this journey with you. 
Love Lucinda x