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From victim to empowerment

I am a trauma expert, lover of life, seeker, and conscious manifester, and I am steadfast in the belief that we’re ALL put on this beautiful planet with the capacity to live wonderfully. If that is our desire. 

But I didn’t used to feel this way.
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where the story began

I know how you feel. because I felt it too.

I know how it feels to live a life as a victim.

Because I too stayed in victim consciousness for far too long. So much longer than I actually needed to.
Because I felt I didn’t have a choice.

Because I had no idea that there was a choice.

But we all have a choice. And we can all, with the right support, make that choice fully for ourselves.

here is a bit of my story.

Raised in a traditional British way, unknowingly having had two vanishing twins in the womb and ingrained, unresolved topics around abandonment, rejection, betrayal and loss, from a very, very young age I thought (aka “felt like I knew”) there was something fundamentally wrong with me. I felt like I had been born “wrong”. Next came childhood sexual trauma and developmental trauma. I was heavy with inherited grief, adopting anorexia and bulimia from the age of 11. I was an observer looking in on life, feeling completely empty.

The piano was my only escape. I would practise for hours, getting so good I excelled - but I stopped having fun.

I needed another escape. 

Aged 14,

I tried to overdose with 250 painkillers. I was serious. I wanted to die. I thought everyone around me would be happier if I weren’t alive anymore. The morning I planned to do it, I woke up the happiest I’d ever felt because I knew everything would at last be over. I tell you this because I had no idea of the pain I was in - because it was my “normal”. So many people carry deep, deep pain, thinking that this is just their lot, just life, just their “normal”.

I am telling you right now - this is not true. This is NOT TRUE. There is much, much more. None of us need to be living in that level of pain. None of us. Despite a strong intent, my plan to die didn’t work.

Food disorders morphed into drug addiction. Entering adulthood, somehow I managed to hold down jobs in the City, despite my diet of absinthe and cocaine. I was convinced everyone else was doing the same to survive.

By 30,

I was so anaesthetised, my body was screaming at me to stop. I’d numbed the pain to the point I didn't even know a piece of my spine was stuck against my sciatic nerve and that I needed urgent surgery to save my leg. I was being shown something needed to change and it could no longer be ignored.

This was my entrance into a different life. This was my entrance into freedom. I was hugely resistant but I was too ashamed to go back to my old behaviours.

Although I had no idea at the time, this was the start of something incredible.

the pain was real.

After stopping the substances, I didn’t leave my home for six months. I was massively in debt. Riddled with shame. And I had unsurprisingly lost almost all my friends.

I joined the 12 step fellowships. I was massively sceptical. 

While spirituality resonated, I didn’t think it was for someone like me.

Trying to work the steps, for months I couldn’t pick up a pen. I was stuck. My bulimia returned. My inner emptiness took centre stage.

It was only when I was advised to pray - and I listened because I didn’t know what else the hell to do - that I was able to pick up that pen. I can't explain it other than a feeling of OK, wow, maybe there’s something out there that is bigger than me - and maybe I can learn to trust it. Inside me, a small light went on.

understanding my own trauma

Soon after having my first child, the first layer of my childhood trauma came up like a tsunami. 

Three weeks of intensive EMDR therapy changed my life. That light that had gone on before? It shone a whole lot brighter. This was the start of my trauma healing. 

Not only did this deep work help me find the healing I so desperately needed, I also knew I had to help other people to heal their trauma with this method. 

After qualifying as a psychotherapist, I undertook my EMDR training and from there, the leaps I took personally and professionally were off the charts.

and then everything changed again

In late 2015 I had a spiritual awakening. Spinning chakras, energy pouring out of my body, my heart exploding out of my chest, weeks of utter ecstasy mixed with days of torrents of tears became my norm. I discovered Kundalini yoga and it became my safe space. 

I hadn’t asked for this awakening, I didn’t really know what it was. But I knew it was a gift and that I needed to use it.

I worked full time helping people resolve their trauma and I loved it. I hadn’t yet learnt to receive - so I burnt out a few times. 

When my marriage ended, I went back into a victim story. I was terrified of asking for help, feeling I needed to be everything to everyone, neglecting myself.

But then a penny dropped - I had a choice. 

This was the next stage of my inner expansion.

this realisation that i had a choice was an exponential stage of my healing.

you can do all the trauma work in the world


I healed wounds from my childhood, from my womb experience, from my inherited trauma and from many past lives. The healing I have done since realising I had a choice has been deeper and more profound, and my manifestations have been more potent.
energetics, mindset and trauma healing are powerful.

There’s only so far you can go with energetics, mindset and trauma work on their own. But together, they’re the perfect combination to move into the life you truly desire. 
It took me years to not feel shame about the past. But the beauty of it is, you can fall in love with EVERY part of you when you blend these disciplines and work on them all.

This is when you can step into your highest self and start to create the life that you desire. 

I have the personal and professional experience to guide you. 

I know it works. 

And I know how incredible you will feel 
when you know that it works for you too.

more about my credentials

My approach is a fusion of modalities. As an EMDR practitioner, Reconnecitve Healing Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner, Mentor and Coach, I’ve trained with world-renowned teachers and coaches.
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Lucinda Gordon Lennox
MSc, MBACP (Accred)
I hold a Masters (MSc) in Addiction Psychology and Counselling, am a member of the Parnell Institute in California and an accredited member of the BACP. 

My role is to help you go deeper, beyond your perception of what is possible, exploring your life in a safe and gentle way, to unwind events and conditioned beliefs so they no longer prevent you from living the life you truly desire.

You can do all the trauma work in the world, but if you don’t realise the concept that YOU hold the power, and the choice, to take control, and be responsible for how your day and your life looks and feels, you’ll never be truly free.

here is my invitation to you:

I will help you to break free from the past 
in order that you can embrace the present, 
whilst you create a future aligned with the desires from your soul.

i am so excited for you
that you are on this journey.