co-creating with the divine: Embody your Magic with Ho’oponopono

This is your invitation to learn how to shift blocks, access inspiration - and change your life forever. 
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incorporating this practice into my daily life has granted me access to Wisdom, Grace, Love and Inspiration from deep within me, on a daily basis. 

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Friday 22 March, 12 noon

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let me give you some context

Some months ago now, I came across a story about a Doctor who had healed a ward of mentally ill criminals in a Hawaiian state hospital…. without ever once sitting down and talking with them. 

This story seriously got my attention. 

And it started my journey into learning what I have come to realise is one of the most potent inner clearing and cleaning methods I have ever encountered. And that is saying something coming from someone who has been practicing a quantum shifting therapeutic technique for almost a decade.

AND, this method that the Doctor used to heal these patients is SO super easy to learn and incorporate into our daily lives. 

Sound too good to be true? I know! It does! But it IS true. And it is mind-blowingly effective. 

And it is my absolute honour and privilege to share this with you now.

Since I have been using this method (and by god is it easy to learn and to use), my day to day life has been enhanced exponentially:

  • Blocks inside me - some conscious, others unconscious - have dissolved. 
  • Solutions to everyday / life dilemmas - even the really big ones - have come to me more effortlessly. 
  • I have found forgiveness for - and been able to let go of - so many resentments and niggles that were eating me inside. 
  • I feel more able to speak my truth, even in challenging and emotionally risky situations. 
  • I can connect with the love that is in me much faster during challenging situations. 
  • Manifestations have come into form so much faster. 
  • Difficult or heavy emotions have alchemised in my system and melted away. 
  • And for me this is almost the best part ever, I have accessed Inspiration

get access to recorded workshops, from the comfort of your home, whilst i teach you, show you - so you can also do this for yourself.

what's included:

 x2 1 hour recordings of live workshop that will teach you everything you need to know so that you can incorporate this practice into your daily life.

 you're invited to join me in a community* where we can share our transformations, encourage each other and experience these incredible gifts, together.

 Accessible frequency healing, so that you too can witness your inner and outer world change.

 you will have access to this recording and it will be yours forever.

 You will also have access to all of the updates that might be made to this course over time, and all bonuses and meditations that might be added over time. Once it’s yours, it’s yours for the lifetime of the course - and that includes anything added.

*(This is completely optional, but I hope you do join - it is so fun sharing our shifts).
These workshop recordings are suitable for anyone who is interested in healing, manifesting, helping others, helping themselves, or just living more vibrantly. The only real “requirement”, if you like, is that you are prepared for the concept that you are 100% responsible for everything in your life.

This does not mean that things that happened in the past were your fault.

100% responsibility, for now, just means that you are willing to take full responsibility for your thoughts, your feelings, and your perceptions of the world.

If you are already on board with this concept - or are wanting or willing to be on board with it - then you will adore this workshop. Because once we take 100% responsibility for everything that we perceive in our world, we can start the healing - fast - with this method I am going to teach you. 

But even if you are just curious, or that notion of 100% responsibility has stirred something inside of you, then that is absolutely enough.

This amazing tool is based on the Hawaiian wisdom of Ho’oponopono. This ancient technique has been modernised in a very sacred way by beautiful and respectful teachers during this century. And it is my absolute honour to share its gifts with you. 

I became a certified practitioner in this modality as soon as I could. I cannot wait to introduce this to you.

I am so excited for you to incorporate it into your life too.

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You are invited to join me in a private group where we can all share our transformations, encourage each other, and be in community whilst we all experience these incredible gifts. This is completely optional, but I hope you do join - it is SO fun sharing our shifts in a community

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