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Our experience whilst in the womb radically informs our lives.
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Anything adverse that occurred in the womb will be playing out in our lives until we do the work to process it. 

Adverse womb experiences can include (but aren’t limited to) how our mum was at the time, any miscarriages she may have had before, or our own experience in the womb with vanishing twins.

If you’re aware of an adverse experience in the womb or you have a sense something went on in there, this work is for you. Together, we can clear this trauma from your system.

Our experience in the womb can inform how we see ourselves and the world after we’re born.  

Adverse womb experiences - when left unprocessed - can massively impact how we feel in our lives, in ways we cannot necessarily connect in our minds. 

Going back into the womb and working through how it was for us at that earliest time in our lives, has the power to heal unresolved experiences from this time and can produce profound shifts in our current lives. ⁠

Incredible shifting, processing and releasing can occur when you do this journey. 

In these sessions we’ll journey back to the womb, looking at birth itself and going back through the trimesters to conception and even before conception itself to explore your experience there and how this has informed how you are and how you “be”, in your life.
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Being a survivor of vanishing twins - which is where one of a set of twins or multiple embryos dies in utero, disappears, or gets resorbed partially or entirely - I know how much this can impact us without our knowing.

If you’re a survivor of vanishing twins it could have left you being born feeling abandoned, rejected, betrayed, greedy or as though you were left to clean up the mess. These feelings will have continued into your life and they probably even feel normal to you because you have carried them from pre-birth.

So much codependency in later life comes from this experience too, including addictions, and you may even experience feelings of survivor’s guilt. ⁠There are physical implications too, as the toxicity of the deceased twin(s) can be absorbed into the surviving twin’s physical body. The hips, the back, the genitals, the lungs, the digestion, the teeth, and more, can be physically affected. 
Perhaps you feel anxious a lot of the time and reckon this goes back a long time.. Very often these feelings actually belonged to Mum - she was worried, anxious or afraid during pregnancy and you picked up on that and assumed it was yours - carrying these feelings into your life.

sometimes if you were an unwanted pregnancy, or had parents who were not ready to be parents, you may feel unwanted, rejected and abandoned.

If your mother experienced a notable trauma whilst pregnant, you may not have wanted to be born at all because you sensed something going on that made it feel unsafe for you. Or perhaps your birth itself was traumatic and this experience has stayed with you. 
When you have strong, adverse experiences in the womb, those feelings - be they abandonment, betrayal, anxiety, panic, feeling unsafe in the world - can often feel normal because they started so close to the beginning of your life. They were, in part, one of the first experiences you had, setting you up for a challenging start. 

Healing your womb experience has the power to transform your daily experience. ⁠

This is beautiful work. Together, we will journey back to the womb and use AF-EMDR and Energetics to help you process your experience there so you can begin to clear this trauma from your system.
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It can be emotionally challenging

But in my experience, if you have an inkling this is for you, it’s more than likely you’re ready.

And I’m so glad you’re here, this is an amazing gift you’re giving yourself.

Before we begin, it’s important to check you’re OK to do womb work in one or two sessions, rather than longer term regular therapy. If you’d prefer more support as you embark on this journey, please join my 1:1 six month private programme or find an AF-EMDR therapist to work with weekly so you have the support you need. 

I'll see you soon.

Lucinda x

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I’m a trauma therapist. But I’m also a woman, a mother, an author, a former addict and a miracle manifestor.
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